San Antonio Divorce and Family Law Attorney

If you are going through a divorce or a case involving your children, you need an attorney.

Divorces and custody cases can be very complicated and emotionally overwhelming. You need an attorney that knows the law and the court system, to guide you through the process and to protect your legal rights. Your soon-to-be ex-spouse is not looking out for your well being and neither is their attorney. You need your own attorney on your side.

If you try to handle your case without an attorney you could be making a huge mistake. Almost every day, I speak with people who made mistakes after not hiring an attorney. Some mistakes can be corrected, but some cannot.

Some cases are easy and statistically most cases settle without going to court. I always make an effort to resolve cases without going to court and I do my best to keep the costs down. I am not afraid to go to court to protect your rights. If we have to go to court, we will be prepared to win.

I have handled hundreds of cases and am very familiar with the Bexar County court system, local attorneys and Judges. Contact me to discuss your case

A divorce can involve many issues including: jurisdiction, venue, fault or no fault, fraud and/or reimbursement claims, spousal support, dividing debts and assets, transferring real estate and contractual alimony.

Issues pertaining to children include: establishing and challenging paternity, genetic testing, conservatorship, allocation of parental rights, primary custody, geographic restrictions, visitation, transportation, electronic communication, extracurricular activities, child support, health insurance and out of pocket expenses and claiming children for tax purposes.

"If you have a need for an attorney, this is the man you want in your corner." - J.C.

These cases can be very complicated. You need an attorney, but you also need the right attorney. I want to be your attorney. I handle almost entirely family law cases. I take my job and my duty to my Clients seriously. I do not want my Clients to be taken advantage of and I try to keep the costs low. I have helped hundreds of people through their difficult times and I want to help you.

I am an experienced and respected attorney and my rates are competitive. I have a standard retainer for contested cases, but I try to be flexible when I am able. I can offer flat fees for uncontested cases.

Because I want my clients to have the best representation possible, I charge competitive rates and offer flexible payment plans. If you think you need a lawyer to handle your divorce or estate plan, you do, and I encourage you to contact me, San Antonio divorce attorney Mark C. Thompson.

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