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Why Should I Hire An Attorney To Handle My Divorce?

Individuals going through a divorce are entering a time of transition. It can be overwhelming to keep track of court deadlines, appearances and the multitude of paperwork that must be filled out and signed — all while trying to keep a handle on your everyday life and on the emotional aspects of a life-changing event. Having a qualified lawyer makes this process less stressful and allows people to live their lives as normally as possible during a challenging time.

There are many reasons why everyone should retain the services of a lawyer to handle their divorce or family law case.

You probably wouldn’t do something complicated, like replace your car’s transmission, or even something simple, like cut your hair, by yourself. So why do people try to represent themselves in court? I am a lawyer and I know the law, which can be confusing for many people.

Another reason it is essential to have high-quality representation during a divorce can be summed up this way: If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time. The last thing anyone going through the divorce process wants to do is revisit the terms of a decree months or years down the road because of errors that could have been prevented with sound legal advice. Doing so often ends up costing more in legal fees, court costs and emotional energy than would have been required the first time around.

Even if you try to handle your own divorce, you will still be required to go through the Bexar County staff attorney’s office and you will have to wait six to eight months to finalize the divorce, assuming you do the paperwork correctly. I have had clients who were “trying to do their own divorce” for more than two years when I could have resolved the case in two months.

How To Avoid Problems During A Divorce: Why YOU Need An Attorney

In addition to the general reasons why legal counsel is always advisable, there may be reasons that pertain to your divorce specifically. If you have children, you will want an attorney who can make sure that your interests are protected while doing what is best for your children. I seek to achieve outcomes that maximize a child’s well-being and minimize parental conflict, but if your spouse is uncooperative, it is important to have counsel that will make sure you are treated fairly in family court.

Finally, although many individuals initially hope to approach their divorce as amicably as possible, some will find that once their spouses have retained counsel, the process quickly becomes contentious and even downright hostile. With an experienced Texas attorney by your side, you will have an ally to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed if negotiations with the other side become heated.

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