Estate Planning & Probate

Protect Your Family, Protect Your Property, Protect Your Wishes. Prepare an Estate Plan.

At my firm, the Law Office of Mark. C. Thompson, I help families throughout San Antonio, Texas, prepare the appropriate estate planning documents, including:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Declarations of Guardianship for Adults and Children
  • Directives to Physicians (also known as "Living Wills")
  • Medical powers of attorney
  • Durable powers of attorney

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Wills and Trusts

A will is used to direct the distribution of your assets following your death, as well as appoint people to serve as executor and guardians for minor children. Many people think that only millionaires need a will. That is not the case. If you have a house, property, or minor children, you should have a will. Not having a will prepared can cause your family and loved ones unnecessary stress at the time of your death. Having a will also makes administering you estate much easier and less expensive.

Trusts are legal agreements that allow one person to transfer property to another person (the trustee) to hold, manage and distribute to another person (beneficiary). Trusts can be used to provide for disabled beneficiaries, or beneficiaries who lack the maturity or sophistication to manage the property themselves. Trusts can also be used to minimize Federal Estate Tax liability and even to provide for the support of pets.

Estate Administration and Probate

After a loved one has died, his or her estate must be probated. This includes paying off their debts, collecting assets, and distributing the assets to the appropriate heirs or beneficiaries. I work with clients to handle all aspects of probate, including independent administrations, muniments of title, and heirship determinations. If the probate is not contested, you will know upfront what the fee will be.

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