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Personal Attention And Legal Guidance For Adoption And Paternity

Adoptions have many different faces. A stepparent might wish to formally adopt a child from his or her spouse’s previous marriage. If a child’s parents have passed away, a friend or grandparent may want to step in to make the child a part of their family. If the identity or location of a parent of the child is unknown, then additional steps must be taken. If the biological parent/parents wish to voluntarily relinquish their paternal rights, then I can prepare the necessary paperwork and proceed.

It is important that the process is done correctly and that the situation is comprehensively evaluated.

As an adoption lawyer, I am able to assist with:

  • Stepparent adoptions
  • Friend adoptions
  • Grandparent adoptions
  • Same-sex adoptions
  • Background checks
  • Home study of adopting parties


If one or both of the biological parents are unfit to be a parent, then I can assist with the termination of parental rights so that the adoption may proceed. Involuntary termination cases can be very difficult and expensive, but if you wish to adopt, termination is mandatory.

Assisting Texas Mothers and Fathers In Paternity Cases

Paternity cases are also very sensitive. The most common issues in a paternity case are:

  • Is the alleged father the child’s father? (DNA testing easily answers this question)
  • Who should pay child support, and what should that amount be?
  • Who should provide medical support?
  • Who should have visitation, and what should visitation be?

I represent both mothers and fathers in Paternity actions because both parties have much to gain and lose, and both parties deserve to have an attorney to represent their best interest.

There are many procedural steps that must be followed in cases involving paternity. Even with the best guidance, paternity cases can be time consuming and very complicated. That is why it is always best to retain an attorney with experience in this delicate area of the law.

From the moment you contact The Law Office of Mark C. Thompson until your case is resolved, I will work with you to answer all of these questions and to help you reach a result that benefits all parties – especially the child.

When dealing with questions of paternity, it is best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. For an initial consultation, call my office at 210-775-1140 or contact me online.

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