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San Antonio Child Custody Lawyer

When I meet with my family law clients for the first time, my initial priority is to listen to their situations so that I can provide helpful information and legal advice. I also try to reassure clients and help lessen their anxieties. For my clients with children, concerns about their well-being — and about my clients’ own parental rights — are often at the forefront of their minds.

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Unless they have a clear, positive relationship with their spouse, many clients initially seem resigned to a long, drawn-out and emotionally taxing child custody fight. In some cases, it will be necessary to be aggressive with my clients’ spouses and their lawyers, but in many others, I can take a collaborative approach to do what is best for my clients’ children while preserving a healthy parenting relationship between my clients and their spouses. This can be a truly win-win situation.

It is important that your lawyer have the ability to seek every opportunity to reach a compromise when in your and your children’s best interests, all while being persistent and tough if your spouse and his or her lawyer are intent on fighting reasonable child custody arrangements. Call my San Antonio office at 210-775-1140 for a consultation.

Bexar County Joint Custody Attorney

Courts in Texas use the terms “sole managing conservator” and “joint managing conservator” to refer to what most people know as “sole” and “joint” child custody. Judges are very open to creative custody schedules that are the result of cooperation between parents. I work closely with my clients to determine what their parenting priorities are and what their children will require in the months and years to come, then pursue an arrangement that will achieve those goals as much as possible.

My clients who are in the military or have jobs with nontraditional schedules benefit from this individualized and highly tailored approach. Each of my clients is different, which is why I take the time to understand my clients’ goals so that I can strive to ensure that those goals are met.

If your or your former spouse’s situation has changed considerably since your divorce was finalized, I can also help you pursue a custody modification.

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