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One-On-One Family Law Guidance

Helping a client with a family law problem — whether it is an uncontested divorce, a separation with complex property division issues or a post-judgment modification of a custody or child support order — requires the ability to listen as much as it requires legal knowledge and courtroom advocacy skills. I often tell my clients that they don’t need an expensive firm to handle their case; they only need one good attorney.

I am Texas attorney Mark C. Thompson, and family law forms the central part of my San Antonio practice. Working individually and extensively with my clients, I give them the peace of mind that even when I am hard at work resolving their legal issues, they will always have access to me to answer their questions or clear up their concerns as they arise. While lawyers cannot guarantee results, I do guarantee that I will be 100 percent invested in your case from the moment you meet with me for your initial consultation.

Experienced Child Support And Custody Attorney

While your legal needs will be unique to your individual circumstances, your separation will likely entail one or more of the following areas:

A Legal Guide For Service Members And Their Spouses

If you or your spouse is in the military and you have a family law issue, you need a lawyer who can guide you through the legal challenges brought on by divorce and tailor those services to the unique challenges you face as a military family. In addition to the other areas of law listed above, I represent clients with needs specific to military divorce, including military retirement and other benefits.

Many people often think they can handle their divorce themselves, but later realize it would have been better to seek the services of a lawyer at the outset. Learn why you need an attorney by your side as soon as possible once you or your spouse decides to seek a divorce.

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