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Last updated on March 30, 2023

“I make my child support payments on time, but my ex-wife won’t let me see my kids. What can I do?”
“I’m not sure if my partner’s child is mine. How can I establish paternity?”
“My child’s mother can’t provide a good home. How can I obtain custody?”

It is easy to feel like fathers are at a disadvantage in the family law system. Even as families have changed drastically over the past several decades, to many, the law can appear to favor mothers, viewing fathers as little more than the source of a child support check. But fathers have rights, including the right to demand a DNA test, and I will fight for you to make sure that you can be an equal part of your child’s life.

Fathers who want to do the right thing and provide for their kids — and make sure that the children they are supporting are actually theirs — need and deserve a qualified attorney. I am Texas attorney Mark C. Thompson, and I have years of experience fighting for my clients’ rights in court when the other side tries to take an unfair advantage. If you have questions about your rights as a father, I encourage you to contact my office for an initial consultation to talk about your case and concerns.

“I feel that anyone who does not sign on with Mark is making a mistake.” J.C.

Fort Hood Paternity And Visitation Lawyer

Whether you were married to your child’s mother or cohabitated, whether you are in the military or another line of work that requires frequent moving, I can help you establish and maintain your rights as a dad. I can guide you through the most frequent issues that arise in these cases, including:

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