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When Temporary Orders Are Necessary, I Can Help

Last updated on April 2, 2021

Most cases and other family law issues can be resolved without going to court. But sometimes in divorces or custody cases, it is necessary to go to court and request relief at Temporary Orders. The following issues can be addressed at Temporary Orders:

A hearing for Temporary Orders is a trial and it is important to be prepared for court. It is important to gather and present evidence and bring witnesses to support your case. Going to court is time-consuming, stressful and expensive and I do not encourage my clients to go to Court unless it is necessary. I will do my best to avoid court if possible but if we have to go to court I will be prepared because I like to win.

Bexar County And The “Presiding System”

Going to the courthouse can be extremely confusing if you do not have an attorney. You need a lawyer who is familiar with the courthouse and how things work. As a family law attorney I go to the courthouse almost every day. If I am not in trial I am filing pleadings, scheduling hearings, having orders signed, discussing cases with other attorneys or recording deeds.

Family law cases are heard in District Courts, the highest trial courts in Texas. There are 14 Civil District Courts in Bexar County. Bexar County uses a “Presiding Court” system. All non-jury cases are first set in the Presiding Court and from there the Presiding Judge assigns cases to another Judge to hear the case.

Each District Court Judge takes a turn as the Presiding Judge and each brings their unique personality and style to the Presiding Court. You need an attorney who knows the different Judges and how things work. You do not want an inexperienced attorney.

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