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Legal Guidance For Military Retirement And Divorce

Investments, retirement accounts and other financial assets are frequently the center of disagreement when a couple decides to divorce. If you are in the military or a military spouse, you might have specific questions about how your or your spouse’s military retirement benefits will be treated during divorce proceedings.

I am Texas family law attorney Mark C. Thompson, and a cornerstone of my practice is helping service members — stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Fort Hood, Lackland Air Force Base and bases throughout the U.S. and world — and their spouses with the complexities of the divorce process in Texas.

I help my clients move beyond the uncertainty that many encounter when entering the beginning stages of divorce. I take the time to carefully explain their rights and how the law is likely to be applied in their case. Especially where long-term retirement benefits are concerned, knowing what the future holds is vital, and I want my clients to feel confident and financially secure as they enter the next stage of their lives.

Dividing Military Retirement During Divorce In Fort Hood

No matter which side of a divorce you are on, it is important that you retain an attorney who knows how to handle the division of military retirement. A Texas court can divide military retirement in a divorce, but several factors (e.g. length of service, active duty vs. reserve status) must be considered. It is important that spouses of service members know what they are entitled to because property division usually cannot be modified. It is very important that the paperwork be completed properly the first time, and I ensure that all forms are submitted and all deadlines are followed.

I will work with you to determine whether it is best to pursue a division of retirement benefits as part of your divorce or whether an alternative settlement agreement is in your best interests.

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